FYP Alumni network - Forever Young Professionals

Forever Young Professionals is an independent network, which gathers Finland Young Professionals alumni's together. The goal of alumni network is to provide opportunities to nurture and to further develop professional networks created via active participation to FYP events. Alumni activities include get togethers, focus events, as well as possibility to take part in FYP events. Alumni network also aims at bringing knowledge, networks and experience to benefit FYP's organization, networks and members. Alumni activities are not officially part of FYP but Forever Young Professionals acts as one of the networks.     

To apply for Forever Young Professionals, please see the application form.

Application form

Forever Young Professionals core group: Pentti Hämäläinen, Laura Lindsberg, Petri Pipatti, Karri Rantasila, Leo Vaskelainen, Pekka Vesikko, Jenni Salmi.