Yes, we should have someone taking notes on these… Maybe we didn’t think this would go this far. Or maybe we were lazy after all networking. Nevertheless we have a list, a list of activities:


Pre Christmas Party

FYP Cruise II

Amazing Race

Valentine´s Day Party


Halloween Party

FYP Cruise I


Maybe it’s worth of sharing a memory of first FYP event. We never believe it would be taking us this far or having that many people knowing FYP. We simply wanted to have some young people from five networks to come together and meet new people. That some turned to be +100 people (yes, we probably should have had some permission to gather), and it turned to be the abbreviation most young professionals know. It turned out to be FYP. And FYP is still going strong. FYP is still expanding and finding new ways to provide young professionals a platform that they require for better networking and more fun.