DATE: 2015

Glitter, decorative masks and young professionals building bridges and networking. In the end of October FYP gathered in Kaarle with their Venetian masks and outfits, ready to do some speednetworking with the help of an improvisation professionals from Improvment.

In the Middle Ages the Venetian masks were the symbols of freedom, inspiration and creativity. One of the supposed origins of the Venetian mask carneval were events where different cultural classes put on masks so that their origins would not be revealed. This allowed participants to be equal and have fun with their peers. When the mask carnival met Finland Young Professionals it was all about being spontaneous, having lively discussions and building bridges across the boundaries of companies.

During the evening we had a communication expert from Improvment providing us networking exercises, where everyone had a chance to try how does communication function between a person with good posture and big gestures and a person with poor confidence and closed appearance. With these interesting exercises the learning from the evening was clear; when communicating in the professional environment, everyone should try to put themselves to the same level as the communication partner. This enables the most efficient message delivery and lets both communicators feel comfortable in the discussion.